Our office has received many wonderful thank you cards from our valued patients. Here are some examples of what our patients had to say about their experience:

Valerie card

Truth be told, I don’t remember a thing about my accident. All the details of what happened that day I got second hand. All I know is one minute I was having fun jet skiing on the lake and the next I’m waking up 3 days later in ICU. Then waking up a little later thinking another day had passed and being very confused. When we backed the trailer up and got the jet skis in the water that day, I remember there was another family waiting to unload their boat behind us. That was the only boat on that side of the lake that day. I know we were racing that day and that’s all I remember of the lake. I was told I turned in front of the other Jet Ski. We collided and the other Jet Ski jumped the one I was driving, tearing the handlebars off and striking me in the face.

The blow from the impact threw me over into the lake and I skipped across the water. I bobbed face down in the water unconscious until I was pulled out by the family we had seen earlier on their boat. The woman on the boat, a registered nurse, her son, a sheriff, and even the kids knew CPR. I started breathing spontaneously on the boat and was soon airlifted from the lake to hospital. I think about that day often. In the blink of an eye my life had changed but thanks to friends, family, and others I would meet along the way I knew I’d be just fine.

That one lost moment resulted in numerous facial injuries including several missing teeth and lots to talk about. The first step to recovery was surviving the liquid diet. 

It has been nearly ten years since an afternoon at the lake nearly took my life.  A miscalculation on Jet Ski left me with multiple fractures to my skull, a crushed eye socket, broken jaw and knocked out eight teeth.  Thanks to the incredible talent of Dr. Raj and Dr. Savage, most of the injuries I sustained are almost completely invisible.

Since that day virtually nothing holds me back, and I try to live life to its fullest.  I volunteer in the Latin community and various other charities when I can.  My family and I are forever grateful for the help and support of the doctors and staff at Associates for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  The work they have done for my facial injuries and dental implants have allowed eat my favorite foods (corn on the cob, apples, carne asada) and smile again.


Thank you!